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Here's some information about Mario Fantasy Adventure.
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"Ok. So, how's 'Mario Fantasy Adventure' different from Final Fantasy?"

  First, it changes all your characters into those from Mario games. For example, the Fighter is Mario, the Thief is Luigi and the Black Belt is Toad. Some enemies are also changed (Imps are Goombas), and some people have been changed into Toads. Well, there's many graphic changes that make the game look more like a Mario game ... (or at least something different than Final Fantasy)

  Also, there's some text changed. I'm trying to change the story, at least a bit. It will happen in Mushroom World, and Bowser will be the final monster. Names (people, towns, etc.) will be changed.

  Then, there's the overworld changes. The towns (the first two actually) are restructured, and the overworld is a little different at some places. The caves and castles will also have minor changes. I'll try to make some changes that alter the order at which you do things to go farther in the game.

  And there's some of the game data that will be changed. The enemies will have different properties, the levels won't require the same EXP points, the weapons will be different, etc.

  I'm also changing the game musics; some of them will be from Mario games, and others will be some of my own.

  Put it all together and it's "Mario Fantasy Adventure" ... a Mario Adventure in the style of Final Fantasy.

What's done:

 - The first two towns are changed.
 - Many graphic changes (but many more to do).
 - Some changes in the overworld.
 - The characters are changed.
 - Some enemies are changed.
 - EXP needed for levels is different.
 - Some text changes.
 - Some color changes.
 - Some musics are changed (30%)!
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