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Do you think you're a good enough player in Strange Mario Bros? Well, try those challenges, see if you're able to pass them!
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Are you able to get to world 1-T?

Let's start with this one, it's not too difficult. You must get to that level: the 1-T. Yes it's possible!
Can you go through all level 2-4 without being hit?

Really difficult ... you must go through all this level and without dying ... and the shortcuts are not allowed!

And here's a harder variant: the same thing, but for level 5-4!!
Can you get to world -4?

It's like the first challenge, but it's also different! This time, you must get to world -4!
Can you go through level 3-3 without killing a hammer brother with fire balls and without being hit once?

You must go through level 3-3 without being hit by a hammer brother and without killing any of them with fire balls!
Can you go through level 6-2 without entering a pipe?

Usually, we go through level 6-2 by going through several pipes. However, there is a more difficult path that enables you to go through 6-2 without entering pipes.
Can you get 1UPs at the start of 7-1?

There's a koopa and flying fish at the start of 7-1. Well, if you use the koopa shell and make it bounce on the cannons, it will hit the fish that come to it. If it hits enough of them, it gives 1UPs ... the most I was able to get is 6 1UPs.
Can you go through level 8-1 without getting hit?

Level 8-1 is one of the hardest levels of the game. Hmm well, it IS the hardest. Go through it from the start, and don't get hit! Also, don't take the pipe. This pipe would make the challenge too easy.
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