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Here's some screenshots from Strange Mario Bros ...
All screenshots are up to date with the latest patch.
Number of screenshots: 71
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Game title screen. New start of first level.
Entered in a pipe in 1-1. Odd place ...
Entrance to a underground level. An enemy that used to live in water!
This place, again?! Mario has gone through some bricks!
A Warp Zone, and a level end! Now, what's an axe doing here?
New appearance of a castle. A castle, in a castle?!
Bowser killed with a star. Ok. What has happened here?
Again a strange place. But where are these clouds now?
In water, but at night! Level end, in water.
No, Bowser isn't here ... Here's a diffucult one!
There's many cannons here! Falling after taking the axe ...
4 hammer brothers! There's so many 1UPs in the game!
Hammer brothers ... again! Once again, but with no star this time!
The 2 Toad statues ... Yet another odd end!
Looks like it's a dead-end ... Hey, what could that be?!
Another hard level with many cannons. Double entrance to a pipe.
Again ... Bowser is out of his home ...
A little maze ... Well, what is that ...
Toad on a moving platform ... The path is narrow!
Same as 1-3, but with flying fish. Same as 2-4, but yet more difficult!
Beware, don't fall! Big holes to pass through.
Well ... it's 6-1, heheh ... A pipe maze.
Flying fish, in water! More big holes to pass through.
Do not fall off the moving platform ... Hmm, and what do I do, here?
Same as 1-4, but with flying fish. It's getting much harder.
What luck, I'm not just above. Same as 2-2 but with more enemies!
Same as 2-3, and again, flying fish. Block-jumping, and flying fish again!
It's 7-4 ... Big holes again, and many enemies!
Mario saved the Princess?! Another hard level.
Many enemies, in a narrow path. Two Koopas stand, blocking the path!
Mario is surrounded by enemies. Moving platform needed here!
Well, where is the path? Wrong way!
Not much place to avoid enemies ... ... yes! Mario beat Bowser!
Mario finally saved the princess. But yes! Another end!!
It's 3-4 in water! It's 6-2 in water!
1-4 in water. But it stops here.
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