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May 20, 2000

since 05-20-00
since 10-27-99 (in all pages)
Old news
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September 1999: start of hacking.
October 1999: levels 1-1 to 2-4, level 3-4 and bonus places have been changed.
October 25, 1999: level 3-1 has been changed.
October 27, 1999: site created.
October 30, 1999: levels 3-2 and 3-3 have been changed.
October 31, 1999: added some more screenshots.
November 1, 1999: levels 4-1 and 4-2 have been changed.
November 6, 1999: new section added: Challenges.
November 7, 1999: levels 4-3 and 4-4 have been changed.
November 9, 1999: a Guestbook has been added.
November 12, 1999: levels 5-1 and 5-2 have been changed. Levels 5-3 and 5-4 were already edited (since 1-3 and 2-4 were changed).
November 13, 1999: levels 6-1, 6-2 and 6-3 have been changed. Level 6-4 was already edited (since 1-4 was changed).
November 14, 1999: levels 7-1 and 7-4 have been changed. Levels 7-2 and 7-3 were already edited (since 2-2 and 2-3 were changed).
November 19, 1999: made some color changes to the game.
November 20, 1999: level 8-1 has been changed.
November 21, 1999: level 8-2 has been changed.
November 22, 1999: new screenshots in the index page, now you can see the graphic (color) changes I made.
November 25, 1999: new screenshots added in the screenshots page.
November 27, 1999: level 8-3 has been changed. A message board has been added, too.
November 28, 1999: level 8-4 has been changed. Now, ALL the levels are changed!! Maybe I should start changing other things in the game.
November 30, 1999: uploaded the patch with all the levels (it wasn't done before).
December 2, 1999: Some noticeable changes have been made to this page. The old news have been moved to a new page, and they won't take space anymore on the main page. There has been some restructuration, too.
December 3, 1999: New patchs for Strange Mario Bros added! There's one patch for each part of the hack: levels, colors, and new gfx. Yes, the gfx has finally been changed! Some of the new graphics are from Sir Elric (thanks to him who gave them to me for my hack); I did the rest myself.
December 5, 1999: New section added: hacks from other people. It contains some very good hacks of Super Mario Bros. Also, I added more screenshots!
December 13, 1999: Yes I'm still here, although I didn't update anything since a week ... today, I just got rid of the GeoCities banners (at least in the principal pages), but more updates should come in the next days.
December 14, 1999: After one month, I finally updated the "Information" section! It now briefly describes all levels, up to 8-4. Also, I got my 400th visitor today, and he sent me a e-mail message with a screenshot that shows the counter at 00400. Thanks to WhooHooD'oh who has been this 400th visitor!
December 15, 1999: One more hack added to the "SMB1 hacks" section.
December 21, 1999: Two new challenges added to the "Challenges" section.
December 22, 1999: Big news today! This site is now part of The NIFTY hacking ring (which is from ĞarKnight¹³). Hopefully, this should get this site some more visitors. Actually, I was just the 2nd person to join the ring but you can still look at it at the bottom of this page. Also, I got my 500th visitor today! This time, it's Sir Elric. And go in the message board, it's not empty anymore, Sir Elric and ĞarKnight¹³ have been posting there recently! Oh, and it's not all. TeMPeS has made me notice that the link to Millenium Mario was pointing to Peach's Nightmare instead, so I fixed the link immediately! You can now download Millenium Mario in the hacks section!
December 24, 1999: Once again, I have many things to say today, even more than last time. Ok, here we go: I moved the news from December 3 to December 21 to the "Old news" section. I added one more hack to the "Other hacks section"! It's a christmas edition of the "Luigi and the New Quest" hack. Hmm no there's isn't any for my own hack ... oh, by the way, Merry Christmas everybody (although it's tomorrow and not today)! There's now a problem that causes the counter to count my own visits. I can't do anything to it ... so expect the counter to go up faster, since I often visit my own sites. Maybe I'll be the 600th visitor ... Ok, that's not all. Not much of you know, but I'm working on another Mario hack ... I'm hacking Super Mario Bros 3, and as you might already think, I'll name it "Strange Mario Bros 3". Actually, I have completly changed World 1 and I am working on World 2. When World 2 will be finished, I will make changes to this site and it will include Super Mario Bros 3 hacks! However, don't expect it to come very soon. Tomorrow, I'm leaving home for at least a week. I probably won't be back with new updates before January 2000. But don't worry, that's only about 10 days to wait, maybe even less. And I'll still have 2 or 3 weeks of free time. Well, during that time that I won't be there, you can still visit my site and leave some messages to me!
December 28, 1999: Well, it's happening a bit differently than I thought. I'm back sooner. But in a few days, I'll be out again, and I will be back, not in a week, but in 2 weeks. There's some small chance that I make a small update on January 3 but don't expect anything new from December 30 to January 9. So, before I leave again, I'll try to work on Strange Mario Bros 3 and finish editing World 2, if I can. When I'll release it, expect some big changes to my site. This will become "Acmlm's Rom Hack Domain" (or something like this) and the Mario Bros page will be reunited with my FF hack page and the upcoming Mario Bros 3 page. Some sections will be moved out to the index page. Don't worry, the Mario Bros page will still be here and it won't die. I will do this because I would get tired of having 3 sites about the same thing (ROM hacking). I hope you'll like it! By the way, during my short absence, I got my 600th visitor! However, all I know about him is that it has happened on December 26. When I looked at the last visits (in the counter tracking), he was already out of the list ... so, I have no idea who he is! However, what makes me happy is that I'm getting more visitors than before! It took only 4 days to go from 500 to 600! Maybe I'll have my 800th visitor before I come back the next time! Well, I said enough for today, so ... bye!
December 30, 1999: I don't know what's happening ... I'm STILL here! Anyway, still expect me not to be there for a while in some days. From January 4 to January 8, don't expect me to be there (I know, it's not the first time I say something like this, but ...). By the way, at the moment I'm writing this, we're almost exactly 100000 seconds before year 2000! Yes, I'm getting excited ... ok, let's talk about site news, now. Well, I'm preparing this site for the big change (when I'll have a site for my SMB3 hack) so I moved it into a "SMB1" subdirectory. I'll make some more changes soon, so come back again sometimes! Also, I've almost got my 700th visitor, I don't want to miss this one ...
January 10, 2000: Oh wow. I didn't make any update since more than a week! Well, at least, I'm back now, and not just for a few days, so I'll be able to make more updates. It looks like I got my 700th visitor by the time we got to year 2000! I've missed this one also, but I'll be there for the 800th visitor. The Y2K bug didn't do anything to my computer, as well ... so there didn't have any disaster, like some fool people thought. Well, I realized that I put some things that "could come" a while back and wasn't doing any of those. I think that's just why it's things that just COULD come, I'm not promising any of them. What I might do, though, is to put a link to my new ROM Hack Domain (although it's easy to find). I'm not making much updates to the SMB1 site, but that's for two principal reasons: my SMB1 hack is completed and I'm working on another hack. But there's still the message board in which you can post anytime! I'm there sometimes to look at the new posts, when there are some.
January 11, 2000: I finally got my 800th visitor (which has been ĞarKnight¹³), more than 10 hours after the 799th. It looks like I get less visitors now, like it was before. Well, I have finally finished editing World 2 in SMB3, so I'm going to release it very soon! Oh, and I've put a link back to Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain, from where you can access the FF1 Hack Page and the SMB3 page (when it will be done).
January 15, 2000: I moved the NIFTY Hacking Ring logo to the ROM Hack Domain index page. That's where the ring links to, anyway!
January 18, 2000: Nothing much today, except that I got my 900th visitor. Who will be the 1000th visitor?
January 19, 2000: Once again, nothing much today. I knew today that the 900th visitor has been Azrael. Thanks to him for telling me!
January 24, 2000: Finally ... I got my 1000th visitor! But I don't know who he is ... all I know is that it's one of my regular visitors.
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