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June 21, 2000

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Here's screenshots from the editor!
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Splash screen

Screenshots (from v0.95)

Original SMB2 levels

1-1 beginning ...

The good old 1-1. Everything looks right in the editor.

1-1 underground. All walls are there!

1-1 boss area. Thanks to the special objects implementation, this area looks correctly in the editor.

Levels other than 1-1 can be edited, too. Here's 1-2 ...

Didn't you think it could edit jars, too?

Vertical levels? No problem. All walls appear, as well.

1-3 boss room. Almost everything's perfect.

Quicksand (like in 2-2) can also be seen.

This level appears a lot better than in previous versions of the editor ...

4-1 ... ice level! Apart from the ground going through the water, everything is fine.

Wart's room. The graphics are a little wrong (it used to be much worse though) but everything is still there as it should.


You can view where the pages are, or have a little thing on the corner of each object and enemy.

Header editor, which makes the header editing a bit easier to do.

Level Information window, which shows the level data address and the number of objects.

Level Select window. As you can see, there are a lot of unused areas, and they all are useable!

Now doesn't it look promising? And you haven't seen what's in the "Other" menu yet.

You can edit the level color palettes and view the new colors in the editor.

Oh yes, this. It allows you to change the character properties (how high they jump, how fast they run, how fast they pick up things, etc.) See the Mario there? You can preview the pickup speed (you'll see the character pick up a vegetable at the speed you set)!

Not only you can change the character properties, but you can also alter what the enemies shoot, throw, etc.!

Here's more enemy properties you can change ...

... and here's even more ...

And as if it wasn't enough, you can also alter the some of the power-up properties!

Not so much use, but it can be fun to mess around ... and you can also change the starting number of lives.

You can change how many levels (from 1 to 4) there are in each world ... that way you can have a 7-3, or make 2-1 become 1-4, or make 1-2 become 1-1, or whatever ...

Whoohoo! I can move level data! (and you too)

Then I can use free space to add new objects, and make bigger levels!

And, as you can see, there's more than enough free space to make bigger levels.

So, with this, I can make a level out of nowhere ... and make it playable!

Testing the editor

New 1-1 beginning. And a lot harder, too! The brick platforms go through the sand in the editor but everything else is fine.

The magic potion is falling down the sky, and makes a door when it touchs the ground.

Here, I made this new 1-1 out of nowhere, I didn't just edit the original, I started with nothing and I added the objects!

Hey, it must explode a lot here!

This time, it's a vegetable that's falling down the sky. It's just there, for nothing. Notice how the colors are weird ...

Want to know where it leads? Well, it goes to 7-1. And I can make it lead to any place I want!

Compatibility with other SMB2 versions
Here's how it looks in Mario All-Stars. As you can see, the level editing works perfectly (except for a few things in the header), but there are some graphic glitches. The levels still play fine, though!

Yes, it does work with Doki Doki Panic too! Here I have edited the 1-1 beginning ...

However, many levels in Doki Doki Panic just show up as garbage ...

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