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March 13, 2001

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Old news for Strange Mario Bros 3
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    One more NSM has been added! This one is very long (2 hours), and it shows me playing through all the levels made actually (up to 5f1).

    One more level is done, and I have (once again) gotten rid of a few more unused graphics (and I feel like there's still many of them).

    New NSMs have been added! There's 5 of them, but they're all from me ... nobody sent me any. Anyway, all of them show me playing through one of the hard levels in World 4, with small Mario, without getting any power-ups and without getting hit. They all have been recorded last Friday, by the way. Also, new graphics have been made, again! I edited some of the ice level graphics (although I didn't edit any of the levels using them yet) and got rid of some more unused graphics. No new level today, though ...

    After the big rush from last weekend, it went back to a slow progress ... anyway : one new level (5-1) is done, I have changed the first part of World 5 map, and edited more graphics (mostly pipe graphics which take out a lot of tiles). Also, I have slightly changed the colors for Mario and Luigi (I put a dark blue outline, and the statue is no longer gray).

    Wow, four updates in four days! Well, this time I have finished World 4! I came up with two new hard levels. Half of the worlds are changed, but still not half of the levels, since the last worlds are bigger than the first ones. Anyway, the hack is almost 50% complete!

    Well, I've been working a lot on my SMB3 hack yesterday, and although I updated my hack yesterday, I update it again today, with 3 new levels!!

    Strange Mario Bros 3 has been updated, with one more hard level (all next levels are going to be hard anyway), and some more graphics. The increase of gfx changes (from 18% to 21%) is mostly because I overwrote some of the unused graphics (all "X" tiles) with other unused graphics, but I also changed the giant bricks.

    I updated the "other hacks" section. 3 hacks have been updated since my last update in it: Super Carrots 3 and Mario Expert 3 last week, and Super Mario Bros 3: The New Quest sooner tonight! The New Quest now completes to the end of World 4, with very hard levels ...
    Also, one new NSM has been added! Well, it's me, playing through World 1 without dying, but at a faster emulation speed ... 112 fps, which is almost twice the normal!
    Oh by the way, about Mario All-Stars ... the thing works, but there's bugs. The idea is great, but I'll probably just do it later. I should work on my actual SMB3 hack instead! Anyway, expect one or two new levels to come soon, as well as some more graphics.

    Well, I got my 1000th visitor today. It appears to be WhooHooD'oh, who had also been my first visitor (he didn't tell me any of that, but I know his host name). Also, I thought of something and it looks like the SMB3 levels are stored the same way in Mario All-Stars. This is not 100% confirmed, but it looks like I will be able to copy my Strange Mario Bros 3 levels into Mario All-Stars! So far, I have been able to copy the World maps, and they worked almost perfectly.

    I fixed a small bug in World 1 Fortress that caused the World 1 NSMs to go out of sync at the end. This doesn't affect gameplay at all. The bug was just because I had recently moved the treasure chest (containing the whistle) up.

    New section opened: NSMs! It contains NSMs, of course. For those that don't know what NSMs are, well, it's simply recordings of player input. Anyway, I opened a NSM section and there's already 8 NSMs in it, each showing up some good playing. 5 of those NSMs are from me. Also, you can send me your NSMs at acmlm_jf32@hotmail.com and I will put them up! You don't have to play very well, just at least record something that shows you playing through a level, or something that lets people see how you play my levels!

   Once again, once more level, even harder than the two previous. There's also a few more new graphics!

     One more new hard level done. I also did some more new graphics, but I didn't re-edit any of the tank graphics actually. I have also updated the partial patchs of the hack.

     Well, it's like I'm only going to update the site during week-ends ... anyway, I started to make changes to World 4, and made one hard level. Also, Super Carrots 3 and Super Mario 3 Expert have been updated! A major bugfix for Peach & Daisy: The Ultimate Quest should come soon, as well (there was some sort of bug in the hack).

     Oh wow. Finally an update here! World 3 is now completed! 30% of the levels are changed, now. The graphic progress has gone backwards a little, since I found out I had overwritten the tank gfx, and put some of it back. It will go up back later. Also, other SMB3 hacks have been released! A new version of Peach & Daisy: The Ultimate Quest came out, with the first 3 worlds completed, and lots of new graphics and nice changes! Get it here in the "Hacks" section, or at Hacks in a Sack! That's not all, there's two new hacks, too. Super Carrots 3 (by ĞarKnight¹³), which has World 1 done and some graphic changes to Mario, and Super Mario 3 Expert (by ... marioexpert (?)), which has almost all World 1 done. Not the greatest hacks actually, but they might become better ... oh, and Super Carrots 3 is also available at The NIFTY Page-O-Hacks.

     I've been out for the week-end, and the progress will be slowed down by school, but well, there's still one more new level! I've made it last Friday, though ... but don't worry, I'm still working on my hack, and you can expect a few more graphic changes in the next release. Also, a new version of Super Mario Bros 3: The New Quest (by Mr. W) has been released! Half of World 4 is changed, and there's a few more graphic changes. Go get it at the "Other Hacks" page, or at the SMB3NQ Homepage!

     Once again, there's two more new levels! 3-7 (previously 3-1) and World 3 Fortress 1. 3-7 is completly different from the original, absolutely nothing is like before, not even a few small things. The fortress maze is also much different. This level took me a long time to edit!

     One more update to Strange Mario Bros 3. There's two more new levels, and (once again) new graphics. What has been mostly changed recently is the N-Spade gfx. It's not a N-Spade bonus anymore, but I don't know how to call it ... take a look at the new graphics and give me some suggestions if you want!

     Another update for Strange Mario Bros 3 has come! There's two more levels and some more graphics.

     Mr. W has released a new version of Super Mario Bros 3: The New Quest, which now has World 3 completed! You can go to his site at http://members.tripod.com/bmcbmc/smb3nq.html. The updated patch is also available on this site.

     Oops ... I found a bug on my hack! It was impossible to finish 1-6, because of a strange bug at the level ending, caused by misplaced objects. This is now fixed and I have re-uploaded the patch. There is one new level also!
    WhoohooD'oh has found another small bug, this time with the Doom ships. This has been fixed now. If you see any other bugs (other than small enemy glitches), please tell me so I can fix them!

     Strange Mario Bros 3 has been updated! There's one new level, 3-1 (which was 3-5). I've made many new changes in the graphics (progress went from 9% up to 14%). I've uploaded the new patch and made a few updates in the screenshots page.

     Acmlm's Mario Bros 3 Page is now opened! All the sections are made and ready to be visited by you people!

     Acmlm's Mario Bros 3 Page is opening! I'm releasing my SMB3 hack for the first time, and I put other SMB3 hacks as well.
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