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March 2000


    Once again, the SMB2 level editor got updated! This time it's version 0.12. It got another nice improvement. A few more bugs have been fixed, and many levels appear a lot better now.


    The SMB2 level editor got updated to version 0.08 (previous one was 0.01)! It has been improved, and it can now edit other levels. A few bugs have been fixed, as well.


    Whoo hoo! As you may have noticed, another section has been added! And as it reads, it's about a level editor for Super Mario Bros 2! The editor is not that great yet (but hey, it's the first one to come out) but it can edit at least some of the main part of 1-1. It will improve, eventually. However, I'm still working on my SMB3 hack, so the editor may not progress so fast. Anyway, give it a try!


    I got my 5000th visitor, but ... um ... it was me. Normally I wouldn't have wanted it, but the counter stayed at 4999 for over an hour and I was getting impatient, and even after I became the 5000th visitor, the counter stayed at 5000 for quite a while. It's one of the very rare times that I was myself a visitor here (normally, the counter doesn't count me). If I ever know who has been the 5001st, I'll give credit to him for what should have been the 5000th visit.
    Ok, anyway, the SMB3 hack finally got an update, and although it's just one new level, it's a good one!


    More things have been added to the "ROM Hacking infos" section and in the "Downloads" section. Now there's info about the color hacking in Megaman 2 (by WhooHooD'oh), and a utility named ROMEdit has been added.
    Also, just in case you haven't noticed, I have changed the logo at the top! The previous one was already good, but I like this one even better, and I made it myself yesterday. If for any reason you want the old one back, just tell me and maybe I'll do something about that.
    No new update for Strange Mario Bros 3 yet, but I'm currently working on the next level (5-2) and it takes a very long time (but the level will be huge!).
    The 5000th visitor is near ... and I still don't know who have been the 3000th and 4000th!


    New section added: "ROM Hacking infos"! It contains documentation about a few ROMs, like how some data is stored, and other things like that. Those may not be all from me. Right now it contains Zelda 1 info (about dungeons), found by Night Dragon! I'm not hacking Zelda 1 currently, but you should take a look at it, since they're pretty much information about how the dungeon data is stored! This same info is also stored in The Nifty Page-O-Hacks (ĞarKnight¹³'s page, not Night Dragon's), by the way. I may add more information (hacking docs) on it as well, like "FF Bytes" (FF1) or some information I found myself, or anything that someone wants me to put in.

    One new level is done in Strange Mario Bros 3! And also, I have finally made an update to the SMB1 page! Well, I have made an improved version of Strange Mario Bros 1. The graphic hacking has been redone, and 92% of the graphic tiles have been edited! Oh, and I have updated the links section too, although there's still many links to put up. And I have added one more NSM in the SMB3 page!

February 2000

    Well, it's February 29, the once-in-4-years day. I got my 4000th visitor today, but I can't give credit to him because he didn't tell me who he is. Also, I closed down the Geocities mirror, the only thing left is a "The site has moved" message. This site here is stable and works as well (or better) as it did at Geocities, anyway.

    New graphics have been done in Strange Mario Bros 3, and 5 NSMs (all from me though) have been added. And the 4000th visitor in Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain is approaching ...

    Ok, I went back to slow progress ... but did do something for today. I changed the first part of World 5 map, and made 5-1. There's also many new graphics, and I made a few small color changes to Mario and Luigi.
    Also, I've been messing around with the SMB2 ROM and figured out some of the level data! Maybe someone will use it for doing a level editor later, which would be great. I don't plan on doing what would become "Strange Mario Bros 2" soon, though. But I might do it after finishing Strange Mario Bros 3.
    Also ... the new message board (wwwthreads) got its new forums for ROM Hacking recently. What are you waiting for, go post there!

    New update, again! I made the 2 last levels of World 4, so World 4 is now finished! The SMB3 hack is about 40% complete, now.

    Another update for Strange Mario Bros 3, this time with 3 new levels, yes, three! World 4 is now almost finished, with only 2 more levels to do ...
    Also, there's a new message board! This is a wwwthreads message board from Emulation World. The actual message board (EZboard) will stay, but since I like wwwthreads so much, that's why I wanted to get this new board. Right now it has only one forum so you can post about whatever you want.

    Strange Mario Bros 3 now has one more new level, and some more new graphics!

    New updates to the SMB3 page! Not for Strange Mario Bros 3 actually, but 3 other hacks, and a new NSM! Strange Mario Bros 3 should get updated soon, anyway.
    Now about the Mario All-Stars thing I've been talking about. Ok, this works, and I've been able to copy 1-1 from both Strange Mario Bros 1 and 3. However, there's bugs, and it also takes time. However, it was a great idea. I'll work on it later and concentrate on my SMB3 hack instead.    
Nobody told me anything about the 3000th visitor, by the way! Who was it? (as if you'd care anyway)      (02-15-00)
    Well, the 3000th visitor is near, already! As usual, I'd like to know who it will be ... but don't worry, I won't do this at each 1000 visitors ("wow, who will be my 17000th visitor?!") ... by the way, I got my 1000th visitor in my SMB3 page today. Ok, now about something else than visitors: I have recently thought about something that might be interesting. It's possible that the SMB1 and SMB3 levels are stored exactly (or almost) the same way in Mario All-Stars as they are in their original version, which means I could "port" the "Strange Mario Bros" series to Mario All-Stars! So far, I've been able to put the SMB3 World maps into Mario All-Stars, and it worked almost perfectly!

    As I said some days ago, I added a new section in the SMB3 page! It's a NSM section that contains NSMs (of course) from not only me but also other people. And I'll put up your NSMs from Strange Mario Bros 3 if you send me some! Also, I broke my daily hit record yesterday, with over 500! Most of them came from the news at some popular emulation sites, saying that I got hosted by OverClocked. I just got my 2000th visitor a few days back and the 3000th is already approaching!

    Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain is now hosted by OverClocked! The site URL is now much shorter and simpler. Also, a new level in Strange Mario Bros 3 is done! I plan on adding one more section to the SMB3 site soon, by the way. The old site address is going to stay, as a site mirror (some sort of backup copy if something goes wrong), and will still get the updates. And, I got my 2000th visitor! It was Brad Carsten. Thanks to him for letting me know!

    One more new level in Strange Mario Bros 3! The SMB3 hack is now about 33% complete!

    Strange Mario Bros 3 got a small update, as well as 2 other SMB3 hacks! Also, 2 days ago, my FF1 hack got the "Hack of the month" award at Challenge Games. I got my 1500th visitor today. I'm now getting a good 50-100 visitors per day!

January 2000

    The 1000th visitor (which came yesterday) at Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain was HippieChick! Thanks to him for telling me ... and wow, I already got my 1100th visitor too? The visitors are more frequent than before! It looks like the 2000th visitor will come in about 2 weeks! By the way, the SMB3 page has been updated! I have finished editing World 3. Also, some other SMB3 hacks came out recently, and they can all be found here!

    The "visits in all pages" counter in the FF1 hack page got to 1000 today! Also, the 1000th visitor in Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain is getting near too! Please, if you are the 1000th visitor, tell me! Unless you're someone that I know enough and that you know that I'll know it's you. I realize I didn't update my hacks since several days, but I'll do another update soon. At least for the SMB3 hack ...

    I have finally updated the "Downloads" section here in the ROM Hack Domain. I have put a lot of level editors (not only the ones I'm using), and made some small updates in the page. Now, I should get updating the "Links" page, which also needs an update ...

    Acmlm's Mario Bros page got its 1000th visitor today! However, the 1000th visitor didn't contact me in any way, so I don't know who he is, except that it's one of those that often visit the site. The 999th was someone else that came about 15 minutes before, and the 1001st was the same as the 1000th.

    New updates in the SMB3 site: one more level in Strange Mario Bros 3, and new version of "Super Mario Bros 3: The New Quest".
    Also, Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain has joined the ROM Hackers Top 25, where there's actually 4 sites. It should be on the list soon, so you will be able to vote for me! I've added the link to it on the left, or you can go at the bottom of the page to click on the "Top 25" image, just above the Web Rings.
    I'm going back to school tomorrow, so I'll have less time to do updates. Expect the updates to become less frequent, but know that I'll still be here and that I'll continue working on my hacks. I don't want my projects to become discontinued!

    Strange Mario Bros 3 has been updated, with two more new levels. About 25% of the level hacking is complete.

    ĞarKnight¹³ made a logo for Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain! It looked nice, and I put it here! I shrank it down a little, though, so that it doesn't slow down too much the page loading. I hope you'll like the logo (if not, then it's not my fault)!

    Mario Fantasy Adventure has been updated, with some more new musics. A NSF file of the hack (which contains the hacked music data) is now available!

    Strange Mario Bros 3 has been updated again. Half of World 3 is now changed. Also, I got my 900th visitor in the Mario Bros page. It's getting near to 1000 ...

    The FF1 hack page finally got an update! It was not a big one, though, just some small changes and a small patch update.

    This site will now be part of the NES Rom Hackers ring. It's still part of the NIFTY Hacking Ring too, and I have moved the NIFTY Hacking Ring logo (or whatever it is called) to this page, since the entire ROM Hack Domain is part of the ring, not just the SMB1 page. I hope this will get me a little more visitors!
    The SMB3 hack has been updated again. I made several bugfixes, and one new level! Also, if the FF1 page isn't getting any updates, that's mostly because I'm not working much on my FF1 hack.

    Mario Bros 3 Page has been updated! The SMB3 hack (Strange Mario Bros 3) has much more new graphics now, and World 3 editing has started.

    Well, it's done now! You can finally access the Mario Bros 3 site and download my SMB3 hack! It took me all yesterday night and this morning to make the site, but it was worth it.

    Hmm, did I say yesterday that my SMB3 hack was coming in less than a week? Well, it will be even sooner, I have finished editing World 2 and the SMB3 site will come soon, maybe even tonight!

    I added a nice new message board! I've also moved the previous news to a "Old news" page. I'm still working on my Super Mario Bros 3 hack and the first release is coming in less than a week!

    Small update to the site. I'm working on my SMB3 hack and I can't wait to release it and make my Mario Bros 3 page! Expect my SMB3 hack first release to come in a week.

December 1999

    Acmlm's Mario Bros Page and Acmlm's Final Fantasy Hack Page are now part of a new bigger site: Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain! Well, it's opening, and still under construction, but once it's done, it will become better!
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