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12:54: More about the "server full" problem -
 Ok, I just realised a few things right when I woke up today ... which clears out some of the things that happened:

- The "free space" indicated above was for a second server disk (only 4GB), which did get 100% full lately but isn't the one containing all the stuff from sites. The space that is really available is what's left on the 35 GB disk, and right now it's at 735 MB (also going down, and going to reach 0 before long if it keeps going like this).
- The little screw up on the message board yesterday wasn't caused directly by lack of space on the server (in fact, there were around 800 MB left), but more of a little screw up I did, trying to see if deleting a big file would help saving space (I deleted posts.bak, which is a backup copy of the posts used when editing one of them). I'm getting this fixed, and the problem shouldn't happen again until the 35 GB server does run out of space (it IS 98% full though).

Now why didn't I realise this before ... oh well.

01:45: Supposedly "unlimited" space suddenly becomes kaput -
 As you might have noticed above, it says there are 0 bytes free on the server. Some of you may remember this used to be over 1800 MB, just a few weeks ago ... and gradually went down nearly every day.

According to a "df -h" command on the server, their 35 GB hard disk is 98% full and barely has around 800 MB left ... see how I'm only using 28.5 MB right now (I even deleted some useless stuff I had, and that didn't even give any free space), including the new message board. That's barely around 0.08% of all the space.

I can still upload stuff and do other things on my site, but the lack of space on the server has been causing problems earlier today, like getting all the posts on the message board erased (it happened like 6 or 7 times tonight, and not even once before that, so I know it's not a bug with the board). Good thing I had a backup of the posts (which was less than a day old), or else the message board would be left empty.

Heh, I just hope this will get "fixed" SOON; I wouldn't like to live with that problem for any long time.


01:10: THIS is what I've been doing during the last month ... -
 What was that "PHP thing" I was working on and seemed too take forever, you say? Well, I made my own new message board, all with PHP. It will (of course) replace the WWWThreads board that has been there since last February, and become the new main board for this site.

Visit it at (I also updated the board links on the left)

This is mostly why there hasn't been much updates at all here lately, and yet I was working more than ever for this site ... hehe.

(oh yeah, I'm also back at school ... so that means less free time for me from now on as well)


23:00: 70000 hits! -
 Another 10000 hits have passed by, now for the 7th time.

(I've also finally updated the site stats graphs)


22:49: AddFreeStats / InLive stuff removed ... -
 For some reason, my AddFreeStats account vanished totally ... which made the "InLive!" thing at the bottom (counting the number of people currently visiting this site) totally useless.

Today it's been one year since the first release of Strange Mario Bros 3 ... and yes, I'm still working on that thing I was talking about (at least, there's not that much left to do now, hopefully).


01:13: 200000 total hits! -
 Sometime around midnight tonight, the hit counter for all pages reached 200000. That's 20% of one million now ... let's keep going!

I'm still working on that thing I was talking about ... and it's coming out really good. Hopefully I can get it done by next week, or even sooner ...


23:36: I'm back! -
 Now to continue working on that PHP stuff (yeah) ... it does keep me really busy (Strange Mario World hasn't progressed much lately, and I haven't updated the hacks for quite a long time), but it will be well worth it.

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