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11:13: 250000 total hits! -
 Right as I'm writing this, the "Total hits" counter is at 250000 exactly ... 1/4 of a million. Way to go! (the hits on the main page reached 80000 a little over a week ago)

*looks at latest updates*
Yeah, I know it's been pretty slow in updates lately ... hopefully I'll get myself to do some real update before too long.

And all your base no longer are belong to us. (hehe)


16:33: "All your base are belong to us" -
 For those who are wondering what the hell it's doing there in the site logo (of course it won't stay there forever), this should clear it up a bit (hehe) ... but let me tell you, it's kinda ... weird (a funny parody of Zero Wing (some shooter game on the Genesis), known to have bad "Engrish" in its intro).

Oh yeah, this has pretty much invaded the emulation scene lately, including me, so that's one of the reasons it's up here right now (hehe).


02:32: Improved forums, now much faster and more reliable -
 I finally got done implementing MySQL on the board (MySQL is a lot more efficient than files for data storage) and copied everything over to the MySQL database ... now it's a lot faster, and better!

(yesterday it's also been a year since exists (since when I got hosted here ... hehe))


20:24: No more worry about server space ... hehe -
 Over 4.6 GB left right now! (I guess that says it all)

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