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04:52: Minor bugfix to the SMB3 editor -
 Well, it looks like where were a few weird bugs (screwy map sprite moving with the mouse, division by zero when saving sometimes) in the editor ... and it turned out it was because of a few compilation settings. I changed them back a bit, recompiled the program, and those bugs seem to have disappeared now (the file size increased by about 80k though).

I updated the .zip file, click on the link to download the bugfix!


17:58: SMB3 editor download cleaned ... -
 Ok, I went to and got a simple little program that scans the whole hard disk and cleans all files infected by that virus ... I ran it, and it successfully cleaned all the 386 infected files I had.

I uploaded a clean copy of my SMB3 editor now, so you don't have to worry anymore about it being infected by a virus.

If you downloaded it before the cleaning, check if you have flcss.exe on your System directory ... if it's there, you got the virus, in which case you should go to the link above and get the fix.

15:51: Virus warning ... -
 Be careful if you download my SMB3 editor that I released last night ... apparently, my whole hard disk is infected by the W32/FunLove.4099 virus, and my SMB3 editor may have gotten infected as well. It doesn't seem to cause much damage at all, other than spreading around in all .exe, .scr and .ocx files and making them 4k bigger ... but I'll still try to find a way to get rid of it (my current antivirus can't clean files infected by that virus, it only detects them).

01:51: That long-hidden "surprise" revealed ... SMB3 Level Discombobulator released! -
 Yep, this is what I had been working on for a while last summer and fall, and then has been on hold for months ... I just worked a little more on it recently, and decided to release it like this. Keep in mind it's still incomplete though, but it has many great features that Mario Improvement 3 doesn't have:

- Better map viewing and editing, making it a lot easier to completly transform a world map and make it look good. It allows for changing things such as the color palette, where Mario starts on the map, which palette and music the map uses, and at which speed it animates (hehe). It has full map sprite support (you can have up to 9 sprites per world map, and you can change what the hammer brothers give), and it allows to move the levels around in the map and change the level pointers.
- Better level viewing, the levels will look almost exactly the way they do in the game, with the right colors, and even the object graphics loaded from the ROM. It can also show the level background (star background in underground levels, diagonal lines in ice levels, etc.) There's full support for the level header, and you can also change what 16 musics can be used for levels.
- Ability to change things not relating to the levels themselves, but other stuff in the game ... like the starting time in levels (300, 400 and 200), the starting status (number of lives, world, Mario's status, etc.).
- Nifty splash screen I did earlier tonight (experiencing Photoshop's great features for almost the first time ... hehe), showing a good-looking map screen I did in about 10 or 20 minutes at most.
- I'm sure there's something else I forgot to mention ...

And this is the things for which you'd still better use Mario Improvement 3:
- Enemies in levels won't display graphics, just little squares and rectangles showing where they are (you can still edit them though).
- Objects in some object sets (Desert, Ship, Clouds) won't display right, because I didn't program the whole object graphic definitions (telling the editor which graphic tiles to use for each object) for those.
- Since the objects show up just like they would in the game, it doesn't show the power-ups and stuff like that in "?" blocks, bricks, etc.
- No support for Mario All-Stars SMB3

(and don't ask about the "Reload" button, it does nothing, and I realised just now I forgot to do something about it)

Click on the link on the left to download it ... I haven't made a new section for it, so it's just a link to the .zip file.

And for those who didn't find out where it was hidden before ... it was on the "." at the end of the disclaimer!


20:45: After a year of break, Strange Mario Bros 3 returns! -
 Yep ... exactly a year after the previous update (damn, it's been long!), Strange Mario Bros 3 has been updated! 5-3 is done, and some stuff has been revised and improved a bit (while still making sure I wouldn't mess up the old NSMs and keeping the hack "compatible" with the older version). Don't expect the level of difficulty to take a break, though ... as 5-3 (and the next levels) won't be easier than the previous levels.

It will also soon be a year since I started the SMB2 Level Discombobulator ... I have no new version being worked on, but 3-1 in Strange Mario Bros 2 is almost complete (although a little over half of it was done last summer), so there may possibly be an update before next week.

The hit counter is also approaching 90000 ... a year ago, it just got to 5000!

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