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00:03: Final hit stats for today, new record for total hits -
 ... 628 on the main page, 2106 for all pages ... and that wasn't even during the week-end!


20:56: Over 300000, uh, 301000 total hits! -
 Yep, it reached it sometime this morning, and barely a dozen hours later, it's at 301400 ... the daily hit record for this has been beaten already (1841 so far today, 1803 yesterday, previous record was 1750 from last September), and the daily record might also (533 today, record is 684 from almost a year ago). Most of the recent hit boost seems to come from (not a ROM site, just a site linking to ROM sites), as some news were posted about my last hack update here.

Stay tuned, as I might post the "final" numbers tonight ... hehe


21:32: And the 100000th hit goes to ... -
 ... DarKnight16!

It came up about 30 minutes after the update I posted yesterday ... so we're finally in the 6-digit numbers now, making the site look bigger or more popular or whatever ... I can't wait until this reaches 1 million but this will still take a long time (it took a year and a few months to reach 100000 anyway).


21:34: 4 hacks added, 2 updated! (first hack update in 4 months ...) -
 Well, I finally went around to do some hack update during the last few days, and got it up today ... here's the updates:

- Zelda Challenge: Outlands (by GameMakr24): If you liked the original Zelda 1 and are good enough, and want to get "lost" in a new Zelda world, this is for you! The overworld and dungeons are completly changed (in both quests too!), with nearly nothing left from the original. Explore a new world with new secrets, and all ... in a more challenging game, of course.
- Semi-Evil Megaman 2 (by Semi-Evil): A nice level hack of Megaman 2, with most levels changed. It's not much harder than the original, if it is.
- Megaman 2 Remix (by Kenclops): Another level hack of Megaman 2, this one is quite harder and also has a few little graphic changes.
- Pikawil's SMB3 hack: Some little weird level hack of SMB3, done up to somewhere in World 3 I think.

- Recovery1's SMB2 hack (now SMB2 2nd Run): it's now complete, and some new changes have been done back to older levels.
- Megaman Double Team 3: A few more changes have been done in that hack of Megaman 3.

I know I'm a few months behind for a few of those, and there's more I might update sometime soon as well (probably sometime this week or next week).

The hit counter is almost at 100000 too (99963 right now)! I won't be there to see it reach 100000, but I'll say happy 100000th hit in advance for here, and congrats to whoever will get the 100000th (probably in a few hours) as well as to all of you who regularly visit this site. The "Total hits" counter is also nearing 300000, and might get there in a few days ...

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