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22:42: Strange Mario Bros 2 updated! -
 Finally ... after 2 weeks and half. 2-1 is done (actually I did it in 2 days), and there's a lot of new graphic changes since the previous release. Just like the levels in World 1, 2-1 has many surprises waiting for you.

A new SMB2 hack has been added to the SMB2 Hacks section : Super Mario Bros 2 Hard Type (by MysteryFace), which has World 1 one. This hack is a bit buggy though, you'll see what I mean if you try it, but it still gives some fun.


16:30: Link fixed ... and Strange Mario Bros 2 progress -
 Well, somebody (Erik Elgerot) told me that the link to Final Fantasy Epica (in the "Hacks from other games" section) pointed to Metroid Challenge ... and effectively it was true. I fixed the link ... thanks to him!

By the way, I've been working on Strange Mario Bros 2 lately ... it's progressing slowly (it takes so much time just to do a level!), but it's progressing anyway. I did many new graphic changes (37% of the tiles are edited now), as well as a few other things. A small part of 2-1 is done, but that's not even half of the level.


21:40: Super Carrots, A New Harvest updated! -
 Damn, does this great hack progress fast! World 4 was completed last week, and now World 5 is already done! There has also been a lot of new graphic changes (some graphics have been redone, and some more have been changed).

What's new (copied from the readme):
  • Wow! Only 8 days past the last release. I'm spoiling you people :)
  • A whole ton of graphics are changed. Pretty spiffy overall.
  • World 5 is done.
  • Some bugs in a couple levels were worked out.
  • The 1-ups now show the colors of the characters as well as their respective faces! Props to Enjokosai.

The new version is available here in the SMB2 Hacks section, but you can also get it at the Nifty Page-O-Hacks, which is getting filled by carrots as time passes ...

21:06: "Hacks from other games" section done -
 Right now, there are only 3 hacks in this section, but that will do for now. You can get Metroid Challenge, Zelda 2 Challenge, and Final Fantasy Epica. I'll add more later ...

04:06: Mario Improvement 3 0.80 (unofficial) released! -
 A while ago, Jonwil (Jonathan Wilson) got the source code from Mario Improvement 3 0.75 and worked on it to improve it a bit. Version 0.80 is out! It's a totally unofficial release, you won't find it at the LincolnSoft site, but don't worry, it's not a rip-off or something like that. Here's what's new (copied from the readme):
  • If you set "Reset Coordinates When Loading Levels" and you load a map screen, it goes to the top left corner, not the bottom left. Loading normal levels still goes to the bottom left corner, as before.
  • You can now edit all of the levels that I can find in the rom.
  • The new levels you can edit are: Hammer Brothers (including several that arent used normally), Pipes, End Castles (the room where it says the king has been transformed), Anchors Aways (the level where mario jumps to the anchor of the airship), The hidden coin ship that you can sometimes get in the game instead of a hammer brother, and its boss room.
It isn't there at LincolnSoft, and Jonwil had trouble uploading the new version, so he sent it to me and I have uploaded it here on my site. There's no page linking to it (yet), but you can get it here.


01:36: SMB3 Hacks section done -
 And there are 10 SMB3 hacks there! 2 of them are complete (and one is almost complete). Anyway, it (once again) took me a long time to do ...

By the way, I'll leave tomorrow, and probably come back on Sunday (the day after). Then I get a few last sections to do, and after that I'll get back on Strange Mario Bros 2 and the level editor.


18:37: Hacks sections updated. -
 The SMB2 Hacks section is now done, and there are 5 hacks there.

The SMB1 Hacks section got updated with the latest version of Frank's SMB1 hack, as well as one new complete level-only SMB1 hack, also made by Frank.

04:41: SMB1 Hacks section completed -
 Well, now there are 10 SMB1 hacks available, and there's 3-4 screenshots for each. I may add more later, but next thing I'll do is the SMB2 and SMB3 Hacks sections, then maybe the "Hacks from other games". Not tonight, though ...


19:23: Emulation World banners put back up ... (again) -
 When I redesigned the site, I just forgot to put the add code in the new index page ... now it's there. I know that nobody likes the banners, and the site looks better without them, but it's a requirement for sites hosted in Emulation World. At least there are programs (like WebWasher) that filters those banners ...


19:58: Strange Mario Bros 1 section updated -
 Well, I redid all the screenshots so now they're all up to date with the current patch (which, by the way, has been updated a few days ago). It took me several hours, since I had to play through all the levels ...


20:01: New version of Super Carrots, A New Harvest -
 World 4 is done, more graphics have been changed, and there's several other new things like that ... why don't you check out at the Nifty Page-O-Hacks? There's also new screenshots there ...

Because I'm not done with the "Other hacks" sections, I can't update the patch here, so get it at the Nifty Page-O-Hacks. I'll probably not finish the site redesign before a few days, anyway. I'll have my final school exams during the next few days, and after that I'll be on vacation and I'll have much more free time to concentrate on my site.

19:41: Error Documents done -
 Well, from now on, if you get the "File Not Found" error, or the "Forbidden" error, or one of a few others that can occur, you'll no longer just see the generic message (black text on white background, telling the error), but a page I made for those errors instead. I made error pages for those 5 errors :
- 404, File not found (of course, eh)
- 403, Forbidden (it happens with some configuration files)
- 400, Bad request
- 500, Internal server error
- 200, OK (that may sound strange, but this "error" sometimes happens in the boards)

You can test the Error 404 with this bad link, and the Error 403 with this configuration file. As for the other errors, you'll just have to wait until they happen ...

02:19: I'm getting tired ... -
 I'm done with the Strange Mario Bros 3, Mario Fantasy Adventure and SMB2 Level Discombobulator sections since a while, but the "Other hacks" sections are taking much longer. I'm barely even almost done with the SMB1 hacks section, and there's still SMB2 and SMB3 after that, not considering the many other sections that have not been redone either (links, other downloads, ROM hacking infos, etc.). I'm not going to spend the whole night on that, so ... it will stay unfinished for now. At least, the only things not available right now are the "other" hacks (except for SMB1) and the NSMs, everything else should still be fine.


23:13: More progress -
 The Strange Mario Bros 2 and Strange Mario Bros 3 sections are done ...

Now I'm going into ... hmm, let's see ... Mario Fantasy Adventure, and then the SMB2 Level Discombobulator. Oh yes, by the way, if you got any comments on the new site design, feel free to post them on the message board.

21:19: Redesign progress ... -
 The index page is done, and the Strange Mario Bros 1 section is almost finished now (I just have to make new screenshots). No more of those relatively "newbie" pages of mine! Now I'm going to redo the Strange Mario Bros 2 and Strange Mario Bros 3 sections ... I still have a very long way to go ... but once it will be finished, that will be great!

18:22: Site redesign coming soon ... -
 Well, I just thought I'd redesign several things to my site. It's far from being complete right now, but I already did some of it. You may notice several small changes coming up from time to time, or a few pages going down for a while, but I hope I'll finish the new design tonight ...

You can view the upcoming index page at index3.html while I'm still working on it, so you may notice occasional changes to it until it's done.


19:34: New tracker installed, Special Report Network link removed -
 I have installed a new tracker (which is also a counter but doesn't display any number) ... let's hope this one with stay reliable. You can access the stats by clicking on the little graph icon on the left ... anyway, I'll see how it's going, after a few days.

Also, I have gotten rid of the Special Report Network thing ... because it has been totally useless! As far as I know, I didn't even get a single visit from that. Heh. So I just thought, "why keep it?", and removed it from the page.

14:57: Problems with counter ... once again -
 Well, it just looks like the new server is having reliability problems, just like the old one did. I have trouble accessing the tracking stats, the counter sometimes doesn't show up, and it's being a low day for hits today (only 63 so far), it didn't count any visit for at least 3 hours earlier today. It has counted even less hits than the old counter (68)! This is driving me crazy ... oh well. I might just do something about that soon if it keeps going like this.


20:07: Recovery1's SMB2 hack updated -
 I have updated one of the "other" SMB2 hacks by other people. Recovery1's SMB2 hack (still unnamed) now has World 2 done. Even though it's a level-only hack, it's a really nice one to try out! So what are you waiting? Try it!


20:07: Strange Mario Bros 2 updated! -
 Well, World 1 is done, now that I have completed 1-3 ...

1-3 is much harder than 1-1 and 1-2. Anyway, here's what's new in this release:
- 1-3 is done (eh, of course)
- New Bonus Chance screen
- Some sound effects have been edited
- Character properties have been changed
- Some enemy properties have been changed as well, to make enemies a little tougher
- Some other various properties have been changed, now you'll get keys in the herbs that originally had fresh vegetables. (I did a few changes back to 1-1 and 1-2 so that there aren't a lot of keys everywhere)

00:05: SMB2 Level Discombobulator 0.92 released! -
 Here's another new version ...

- Added a splash screen that appears while the editor loads
- Added support for even more enemy properties! Now you can change things like how high Birdo jumps, how fast he moves, how high Mouser throws his bombs, how long it takes before they explode, etc. Not everything is there, but there's all the properties I found, and that's still a lot.

Well, that's it ... I've mostly been concentrating into the enemy properties ... and trying to find most of them. There are still a lot missing, but there are also many that are supported now.


02:44: SMB2 Level Discombobulator 0.90 released! -
 What's new:
- Fixed a few display bugs with special objects and pointers
- You can change a few more enemy properties, mostly the number of hits needed to defeat bosses.

Ok, that's not really a big update ... but more is to come tomorrow. I found more enemy properties, such as how high Birdo jumps, how fast he moves, what sound he does when he spits, how high and fast does Mouser throw his bombs, etc. I still have to find more of that enemy data, but I'll put it on the next version of the editor. There are several other things I plan to do as well, but since they'll take a lot of time, I'll wait at least until I get in vacation (in about 2 weeks).


20:32: Oh, by the way ... -
 Many NSMs on the NSM page (for SMB2 hacks) won't play properly, especally those from Hario, Super Carrots A New Harvest, and even Strange Mario Bros 2 (on the next version anyway), because the characters properties (and a few other things like that) have been altered. NSMs from Super Mario Bros 2 Challenge will screw up at the end of 1-3.

The NSM page hasn't been updated yet but I'll put the old NSMs (those that no longer play correctly) separately, next time I'll update the NSM page.

20:15: Hacks from other people updated -
 ... well, some of them at least. I updated the SMB2 hacks section, with the latest releases of:
- Super Carrots, A New Harvest
- Super Mario Bros 2 Challenge
- Hario

and I have added Legend of the Blob Bros 2, a great hack by BMF54123! It was a graphic-only hack made last year, but it now features new levels (well, World 1, and an hidden world).

Jacob Hebert's hack is now known as Jupiter Paladin's hack (since that's how he wants to be named) ... also, he's working on a new SMB2 hack ... dedicated to me (Super ACMLM Bros 2). I'm pretty curious about how this will turn out ...


00:01: Progress on Strange Mario Bros 2 -
 Ok ... I've been changing the character properties (Toad was already changed but I changed the other characters now) and I made a new "Bonus chance" screen. I made a few other changes, like now you can get keys in herbs ... and I'm about to start making 1-3. 33% of the graphics are changed. Do I have to mention that about 45% of the graphics in the game are used for the ending only, and that none of them are edited yet?

Here's one screenshot:
- New Bonus Chance screen


04:13: SMB2 Level Discombobulator 0.89 released -
 Version 0.89 has been released ... here's what's new:

- Fixed a small bug with Refresh that caused a FF to be written at the end of level data (that was sometimes removing the last objects).
- Now you can change enemy properties : what do Birdo, Snifit, Panser, Autobomb, etc. shoot, which enemies come out of jars (instead of Shyguys and Bob-ombs), which weapon is used by bosses (Mouser, Triclyde, etc.), which infinite enemies can appear (instead of Beezos and Albatosses), and a few more things like that!
- You can also change a few things with the power-ups : which item appears instead of the star, the heart and the stopwatch, and which object you must get (and how many) to get the stopwatch!
- It's also possible now to change the starting number of lives.

Most changes are, like for version 0.83, new features (other than level editing itself) that have been added.

P.S. The world didn't end today, even though several planets were almost aligned (who's fool enough to think the world will end just like that anyway?)!


20:30: "Total visits" counter got to 30000 ... -
 I don't care that much about the "Total visits" counter, but it got to 30000 last night ...

Also, I've been noticing a slowdown with the hits, I'm only getting about 100 hits today, it's a little less than what I was usually getting last month. And this time it's not a problem with the counters ... do people have less time to go here or what? Anyway, this will probably go back up later.

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