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11:50: I'm not dead. (and neither is the site) -
 Those of you who visit the message board, you know what I mean.

Yep, I do realise it's been over a month since the last update ... oh well, at least I finish school in about a week and half (which means I have the final exams to care about though), after that hopefully I'll have more time to update and all ... I've got at least a dozen hacks to update or add (few of which I played yet though), and I had been working on redoing and improving the Downloads section, which is the most outdated part of this site (last update was over a year ago, before the redesign of last May!) ...

Anyway, until then, you can enjoy those few SMB3 little "feature" hacks I did lately with my new ASM skills ... hehe
Turn the P-bar in SMB3 into ...
- A speedometer
- An odometer
- An odometer that changes to a P-Switch or Star indicator (showing how much time is left to the P-Switch or Star when you get those)

I may put that last one in Strange Mario Bros 3 with the next release (which is still at an undetermined date, and should come once I do 5-4).

I also figured out how to make the life bar horizontal in SMB2 ...

It's not like I got really bored of ROM hacking.

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