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00:21: Challenge Games turns one year old! -
 Well, I'm just a bit late, but I didn't forget about this at all. Anyway, July 30th, 2000, was Challenge Games's first birthday. When it started out, a year ago, it was just a simple homepage for SMB3 Challenge, but as months passed, that little site has evolved into what it is now ... a pretty great ROM hacking site, with a really big ROM hack archive. Good work, X-4000 (and all others that work there)!

Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain is 7 months old now, but the whole thing started out 9 months ago when it was just an homepage for my SMB1 hack, Strange Mario Bros. It has pretty much evolved as well, as you can see what my site is now.


16:27: I'm back! -
 Well, after exactly a whole week spent offline (because finally I couldn't get on any computer while I was away), I'm finally back at home. I still have to go and look at what I missed during that week and reply to several emails I might have got but then I'll be there about as often as I was before leaving.

I'll probably put a new poll soon and maybe update the site stats graphs, then maybe look for new hack updates.


15:38: Leaving ... -
 A little later this afternoon, I'm going away for maybe about a week. Although I most probably still will be able to get online a bit, I won't be there nearly as much as usual ...

Oh well, see you later!

By the way, with all those visitors coming at Challenge Games right now (almost 1000 today now), I'm also getting about twice as many hits than usual today, hehe ... oh and Challenge Games got its 50000th hit earlier today as well.

Anyway, as I said, I'm going away soon, so bye for now!

04:19: Site stats graphs updated. -
 The weekly update of that section ... do I need to say more?

04:00: Challenge Games opens what seems to be the biggest ROM hack archive in the Internet ... -
 About 2 days ago, Challenge Games got a new total redesign, and looks better than ever ... the Showcase (where all non-Challenge Games ROM hacks are archived) got a big update, and now contains 120 hacks, from 39 different games, on 5 different consoles! Not all of them are level hacks, like here, and there's no screenshots and reviews (it would be too much work, with all those hacks there), but that's still quite impressive.

Challenge Games is also inviting people to submit their ROM hacks, to contribute on the biggest ROM hack archive. And yes, all my hacks, as well as all of those here on my site, are there at the Showcase.

Oh well, that sorta makes my 43 hack archive look small, but hey ... I might still have one of the biggest ROM hack archives as well, at least for level hacks ...

03:53: SMB3 Lost levels patch updated -
 Or, said in another way, "one hack updated".

The World 1 map is a lot more changed now, a few more lost levels are there, and those that were incomplete have been a little changed so they are beatable.

The number of hacks for each game is also displayed in the main page now.


01:43: 3 hacks updated, 3 hacks added! -
 Woohoo! Finally some hack updates! Well, anyway, only one of the 3 added hacks is really new but the two others are also good. And three hacks got updated too! Anyway:

- Dragoon X Omega (by Sliver_X), a total overhaul of Dragon Warrior, is finally done, after a year of work. And yes it's a year ... and looking at how the hack is so much different from the original game, it seems that the year was well spent on it.
- Metroid X (by Rage Games) is a map hack of Metroid, which makes planet Zebes much different from before, and also a bit harder. Special power-ups are also hidden at new places ...
- Ganon's Revenge (by Rage Games, once again), a hack of Zelda 1, has the whole overworld changed, to make it much harder. Not much else, except text, is changed though, but it's still a good challenge to try!

Updated hacks:
- Frank's SMB3 hack now has World 7 done. It's getting near completion! Once again, as usual, a new world challenge awaits you ...
- HolyKnight's SMB3 hack now has World 2 done, and some more changes to World 1 as well. The "usual" cannons fill World 2, as much as they filled World 1, if not more.
- EDS Mario, the SMB1 hack by Sir Elric, has World 2 done.


04:07: Current status ... and other things. -
 - Strange Mario Bros 2 is progressing really, but really slowly. In fact, almost not at all. I know I should work on it more ...
- A few days earlier (or a week? I don't know), I said I have been working on something lately. Well, it's still being worked on, but it's nowhere near a first release yet. And what is that? Well, I'm not telling you ... yet. Just know that it's related to ROM hacking, but isn't a ROM hack.
- I haven't got many (or any) hacks from other people to update, but I might add a new one (newly released and finished) soon.
- I know, I know, several sections in this site (like Downloads and Links) are really outdated. And the NSMs sections never got done. I don't know when I'll update all of that ... here's another thing I should do, soon or late.
- No I haven't lost interest in ROM hacking.
- I'm happy that the current poll is getting more votes than the previous ones.
- If you're bored but like SMB2, visit SMB2 Worship for a while. This site, made by DarKnight13 (also owner of the Nifty Page-O-Hacks), contains some (good) information and stuff about Super Mario Bros 2 and Doki Doki Panic (the japanese game that became SMB2). The site isn't really complete but it's still worth a visit. Oh, and I'm also part of the staff there, although I didn't really do much.
- Have a good day (or a good night if it's the night for you right now) ... I'm going off to sleep now.

03:55: Site stats graphs updated ... -
 Yes, they have been updated ... as I said before, I'm updating them occasionally. Do I really have to say that every time anyway? Not so many people actually look at that ...


01:03: New poll ... -
 Another new poll has been put up ... it isn't directly related to ROM hacking this time : which NES emulator is your favorite? Go vote now!

And here's the final results for the previous poll (hmm ... it got less votes than the first one):
"Which feature of the SMB2 Level Discombobulator do you prefer?"

Level editing, and level/enemy data moving: 11 (42%)
Editing of characters, enemies, etc. properties: 7 (27%)
Partial support for Mario All-Stars and Doki Doki Panic: 2 (8%)
Color palette editing: 3 (11%)
Splash screen: 2 (8%)
Other features: 1 (4%)
Total votes: 26

Obviously, level editing won, as it's the main feature of the editor ... as you can see, I tried to put options in the order I thought would get the most votes.

I have put the last poll results in the Poll Results page, where you can also see the results from the first poll.


02:43: Pretty slow time in the ROM hacking scene ... -
 Well, looks like not so much has been happening currently. Strange Mario Bros 2 progresses very slowly, and a few other great hacks have slowed down as well. Oh well, I'm just telling you that I'm still there and haven't lost too much interest on my hack. Super Carrots: A New Harvest is almost complete (all levels are done), and Legend of the Blob Bros 2 is still being worked on. So ... hmm, that's it, and I've also been working on something lately.


21:14: Site stats graphs updated. -
 The site statistics graphs have been updated, with last week's stats.

20:09: 3 hacks updated, 1 hack added ... -
 Oh well ... looks like I didn't update for a while once again. Anyway, 3 hacks have been updated, and one hack has been added:

- Frank's SMB3 hack now has World 6 done.
- Recovery1's SMB2 hack now has World 5 done.
- MY Super Mario Bros 1, now called Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels 2, got a big update.
- Super Mario Bros Forgotten Dream has been added. It's a SMB2 hack made by BigEliKing and TeMPes, and it's worth checking out! World 1 is done.

Oh, and so you don't think I stopped working on Strange Mario Bros 2, I'll tell you I have finally started 3-1, after making most of World 3 graphics. Almost half of it is done currently, and it's looking great.

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