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20:07: Banner ad added on all pages ... -
 Well, I recently got an email from a ZTNet admin (ZTNet is where this site is hosted, as well as OverClocked and many other emulation sites) about bandwidth usage and such ... my site costs them $18 per month in bandwidth (250-300 MB per day, including the message board, which is taking up a lot of the bandwidth), and generates $8 per month. So, well, I had to put the ad on all pages of the sites (except the board) to help cover the costs (that's how it should always have been anyway, while I thought it was only needed on the main page). Nothing big anyway, it's just a little banner that doesn't significantly slow down the page loading.

Also, it seems like (where I got my main counters from) has changed their services earlier today, and is no longer free ... they have a Free version (which all my counters are now using), but it's a bit too restricted to my liking (I can't customise the look at all, I can't view the stats, and counters with more than 100000 hits will only display thousands) ... so ... screw them, I'm going to make my own with PHP and MySQL to replace them, it'll also be much more reliable since it won't be on an outside server.


01:26: Site stats graphs updated -
 (for the first time in 2 months and half)

Surprisingly, even with the lack of updates here, the hit rate didn't go down, in fact the record for the daily hits in all pages was beaten a few days ago (with 2201)! The "total hits" counter reached 400000 almost a week ago and I didn't even notice it until it got to about 407000 ...

Oh yeah, and to all people sending me emails and not getting replies: I just don't check my email often (sorry), but I do eventually read all the emails I get (not counting spam, maybe a few dozens per week).

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