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08:18: 648 hits yesterday ... -
 And maybe even around 700, by estimating the hits that weren't counted by that counter that's down about 10% of the time. Let's say it was pretty close to the record (684), which happened when I first released Strange Mario Bros 2 ...

The Total Hits counter broke a new record though, with 1750 hits! (and maybe even 1900 if ... well, I explained this already)

Hehe, I just thought it was cool, even though I know it's going to slow down back to the usual rate ...


21:12: Lots of hits coming up ... and more about that hidden "surprise" -
 Well, looks like news have been posted on Zophar's Domain about that little surprise I put up last week (and no it's not telling where I hid it, hehe). Ok so for those of you who don't know yet, that surprise is the project I've been working on lately, which is a SMB3 level editor (named the SMB3 Level Discombobulator, after my SMB2 editor). It's not complete yet (as those of you who tried it may have noticed), and once it will be, I'll truly release it. But I'm letting you all see a "preview" of it while I'm working on it and trying to finish it before too long ... hehe.

And yes it's going to be better than the already existing SMB3 editor (Mario Improvement 3), in fact it probably already is for quite a few features.


19:49: Quite interesting news ... FuSoYa releases Lunar Magic, a level editor for Super Mario World! -
 It came in such a surprise ... but it really is there. It's a level editor for Super Mario World, and it's pretty nicely done. It can edit every level area, and with it you can add/remove objects and enemies, expand the ROM to 1 MB to get much more space for bigger levels, and even export/import game graphics in uncompressed format! It can't edit overworld maps though but its level editing features are great. Objects show up almost exactly like they would in the ROM as well.

I've been trying it for a while, and I might possibly start a Super Mario World hack sometime (maybe soon, maybe not), which of course I'll name Strange Mario World. And so will begin my SNES ROM hacking experience ... hehe.

Oh yeah, the Super Mario World editor (as well as some other stuff) is available at FuSoYa's Niche (located at

(wow ... I haven't seen anybody post news about this before I did ... and yet I learned about this on the message boards at Challenge Games (from a post by FuSoYa himself, announcing the release))

19:25: 40000 visitors ... and over 41300 already?! -
 Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain got its 40000th hit today (around 7:10 PM EST)! Or should I say the 40000th, according to the counter which has been down more often lately than it should ...

And nope, today wasn't a big hit day ... so why is the counter over 41300 already? Because I compared the stats from the two TheCounter servers (the old one and the newer one), counted every hit the old one got that the newer one didn't (for the few days the old one counted more hits), and added them to the newer counter. Surprisingly, there were 1384 ... almost as much as I usually get within a week, so the counter went from 40003 to 41387. I did the same thing with the "total hits" counters, and ended up adding back 6028 "forgotten" hits (it went up from 110298 to 116326). Quite a lot ... but all those hits really happened, they just haven't been counted when they should have been.


21:03: New poll! -
 Well, even though I didn't take out the old one ...

The new poll is about that surprise I hid here. How many of you found it? From what I heard, it was very easy for some people, but quite hard for others ... hehe.

And those that did find it and enjoyed it: imagine what it'll be like when I get it complete, and actually release it for everybody ... hehe.


18:57: Little surprise hidden in the page ... -
 Let's see if anyone can find it!


17:56: Oh wow. I really need to do an update ... -
 It's been quite a while now.


10:52: Total visits reach 100000! -
 Sometime around 10:15 AM this morning, the "Total visits" counter got to 100000, almost 3 months after it got to 50000. It looks pretty good now that it has 6 digits ... hehe. It will still take a pretty long time until the counter for the main page gets to 100000 though ...


21:13: News archive section updated ... -
 Not the archive itself, of course ... just the section. Now it's on the current site design, and also includes the news from last August (and also September soon).


15:53: First update in links page since 6 months ... -
 So now it's no longer outdated. I haven't really added new links to sites, I just updated descriptions, site URLs, and removed bad links. The links page is also on the current site design now instead of the old one. I'm also open for link submissions now ...


23:45: And my real birthday present is ... -
 ... a scanner! (UMAX Astra 2000P)

It cost a little over $100 (canadian) and was one of the cheapest, but it still works great. During the last few hours I've been messing around with it and scanning a few things and it worked perfectly.

And, of course, I scanned a few pictures of me so you'll finally get to see what I look like (hehe), I also (just for fun) tried to scan my head and after a few attempts it worked (sorta ... anyway). Now what about if I took the scanned the pictures and messed around with them ... hehe.

Anyway, here's those:
The picture of me in my 1997-1998 school ID card (I was 14)
In my 1999-2000 bus ID card (a few days before I became 16)
In my 1999-2000 school ID card (a few days before)

First attempt at scanning my head (much too dark, even after some high gamma correction)
Second attempt at scanning my head (I put my head closer, it's a lot better)
Third attempt at scanning my head (after messing around with the scanner light settings, so I could put my head a little farther, but it looks really weird because I was moving a bit while the scan was being done)

Hehe ...

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