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01:00: 2 hacks added, 1 hack updated -
 - SMB3 Restricted now has some of World 2 done as well as some more changes to World 1.

- Metroid Eternal Darkness and CoolMario's Super Mario World hack have been added.


22:42: One year since the whole site started! -
 Well ... on October 27th, 1999, I was working on my first ROM hack (Strange Mario Bros) and decided to make an homepage for it. At first it wasn't what's currently known as Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain; it's what the Strange Mario Bros section used to be. So, anyway, it's been exactly a year today since the day I created what started this whole site!

On December 30th will it be one year since this site known as Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain officially started.


10:13: MegaEdit3 1.0 Final released -
 The new editor for Megaman 3 got updated, and released for the second (and final) time; it should be really complete now. Benjamin (the author of this Megaman 3 editor) said he'll maybe work on a new level editor, maybe for Megaman 4 or Bubble Bobble.

Get MegaEdit3 1.0 Final at its homepage, located at


08:18: Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain reaches its 50000th hit! -
 Yes, half an hundred thousand hits!

Sometime around 6:13 AM (EST) this morning, someone whose host name is got the 50000th hit on the counter at the top.

As I said more than once and will again: thank you all for visiting Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain and supporting my site! I'll be looking forward for the 100000th hit, which should happen in about 6 months at most (if the daily visit average doesn't go up until that time, and I'm sure it will so it may not take more than 3 months).


23:49: Zeldit, the Zelda 1 editor -
 Oh yeah, and while I'm at it ... I might as well mention the Zelda 1 editor made by King Koopa. Its first release came out almost a month ago, but it's been improved since then. The current version (0.53) can already edit a good amount of things in Zelda, like the first 5 dungeons, the intro story, some of the game music, and several things relating to dungeons.

Its homepage can be found at (it's hosted by Zophar's Domain). The site itself seems pretty small and simple but you can get the Zelda 1 editor there, as well as its source code (for Visual Basic 6.0).

23:40: Megaman 3 editor released! -
 Mega-Edit 3 (version 0.3), a new Megaman 3 editor made by Benjamin (and started less than a week ago!), has been released and is available for download at (the URL should change soon though).

It runs in MS-DOS. It has no sprite support yet (it can't edit enemies) but that feature should come soon. It can edit all of the levels in Megaman 3. It may not be that easy to use at first (I've been trying it for a little while) but once you get used to it you'll notice how good it really is. Just read the readme that comes with it and you'll be ready to get started!


21:03: "New" EZBoard -
 If you look at the board links, you'll notice there's a new link to a new EZBoard. It's a new board I made just for the heck of it, and isn't in any way meant to replace the current board (WWWThreads), as it isn't particularly related to ROM hacking and this site, but more of random stuff. The main reason I put a link to it here is ... well ... because I just want some activity in it, as it's been pretty inactive for the few weeks of its existence.

20:59: Site Stats graphs updated -

20:59: One hack added, one hack updated -
 A new SMB3 hack has been added: SMB3 Restricted, which has all of World 1 done as well as all world maps.

Frank's Super Mario World hack has been updated, with World 2 done.


05:42: Lunar Magic updated to 1.02 -
 This time it was just a bugfix:

"Fixed a bug that I suspect was causing an overlapping level problem for many people. Apparently when saving a level to the ROM, Lunar Magic wasn't storing the last address used to the ROM until after you did another ROM operation. Which means if you went and saved a level, immediately exited LM (or reloaded the ROM), then later came back and saved a different level without changing the address that showed up, you'd often end up over-writing the first level. I can't believe I never noticed this bug until now... O_O"


02:09: Hehe ... -
 I'm on my friend's new computer right now ... (a Pentium III 550 MHz) and I've been testing out a few things I had on my computer, just to be amazed at the huge difference in speed ... hehe. It's so much faster than my Pentium-MMX 200 MHz, which I'm so used to ... he also has a DSL connection, much faster than my little 31.2k modem connection.

Hehe, just thought I'd post something from here ...


08:06: Friday the 13th! -
 Fear ...

(I'm not superstitious, I just wanted to point that out ... hehe)


23:17: One more Super Mario World hack ... -
 This one's by Mew2. It has all of World 1 done, and the levels are ... well, a bit strange. Anyway, you'll see ... either by playing it or even just looking at the screenshots I took from that hack.


08:18: Lunar Magic updated to version 1.01 -
 Here's what's new (according to the readme):

- Fixed a minor display bug involving sprites in vertical levels.
- Included an option for using joined GFX files instead of split ones.
- Included Layer 3 options in the "Change Other Properties" Menu.
- Documented the unknown bit in the "Change Properties in Header" Menu,
- Which controlled Layer 3 layering. (thanks goes out to Mr. 207 for noticing what this bit was doing)
- Documented and replaced the second value of the "Change Properties in Sprite Header" with options for sprite buoyancy.

The new version is available at FuSoYa's Niche.


19:36: Frank's Super Mario World hack -
 Another hack update, this time with another new Super Mario World hack. And I warn you, this one is quite hard! (but not impossible, of course) I couldn't even get past the first level ... hehe. But it's still a good hack, try it out if you like challenges.


17:47: 3 hacks added, 3 hacks updated! -
 At last, an hack update here! (the first in almost 2 months actually)

- Frank's SMB2 hack has Worlds 3, 4 and 5 done now.
- Frank's 3rd SMB1 hack is done up to 5-4.
- Johns Program's SMB3 hack has Worlds 2 and 3 completed.

- Coolboyman's SMB1 hack, the levels in it are a bit weird (by purpose, don't worry) and many (if not all) of them are done.
- Luis Alberto's SMB3 hack, Worlds 1 and 2 are done, as well as a few graphic changes.
- Jazz411's Super Mario World hack, the first released SMW hack! All of World 1 is done, and it's much harder than before. (the first SNES hack put up here!)

There are more hacks I could update, and some I may have forgotten, but updating (or adding) all of them would have taken too much time if I did all of that today.

03:42: Site stats graphs updated ... -
 With some little improvements done in them as well. And this week was the biggest for hits (and by far enough as well)! It's nice to see the site popularity growing ...

Maybe tomorrow, if I have enough time for this, I might do a few hack updates (in the "Other hacks" sections) ... as it's really been forever since my last update there. Although I don't plan to do a complete update right there.

Oh yeah, now I started working on Strange Mario World ... not much is done yet, and don't expect the first release to be soon, but I'm just letting you know about this. And yes I'll still continue working on my SMB3 editor as well and make sure that the progress won't get too slow.

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