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17:50: Leaving for the week-end ... -
 In less than an hour, I'll be going away from my home until Sunday. Because of this, I won't be able to go update the hacks (and I've got quite a few to update, as well).

Anyway, just letting you know so you don't all start wondering what I'm doing ...


16:04: Webring stuff moved to a new page ... -
 I took out the Webring things at the bottom of this page and put them on a new page, this will (hopefully) cut down the total loading time a bit as a few of the images on them were taking a long time before loading.

(oh yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I put up 12 new screenshots from Strange Mario World on Friday night)


18:19: Back after some downtime ... -
 The Emulation World server (which is hosting many sites such as Zophar's Domain, Challenge Games, the Nifty Page-O-Hacks, and this one here) went down yesterday evening (around 6:40 PM) and stayed down until just a few minutes ago. So during all that time, this site was unaccessible, and I couldn't access my email account. So if you sent anything to it during that time, just know that I haven't received the email.

Now it just cost me about one whole day worth of hits ... oh well.

I got 1-3 done in Strange Mario World this afternoon and took some new screenshots, which I may post later tonight.


18:04: Strange Mario World preview! -
 There, I put up 24 screenshots of Strange Mario World in its current state. I won't release it until I get all of World 1 done, and that may still take a long time because it's progressing slowly.

Enjoy those screenshots!


16:20: 7 hacks added, and 1 hack updated! -
 Wow, there were a whole lot to put up this time. 5 of those 7 new hacks are from Super Mario World ... and I've done over 100 screenshots in total for all those new hacks!

- Crazy Mario World (by Drake) - World 1 done
- The New Super Mario World (by Superpionex) - World 1 done
- Mario's Trip to Hell (by Coolboyman) - World 1 done
- Super Mario World Dream Edition (by Knuckles Five) - World 1 and some of World 2 done
- Super Mario World Nightmare Edition (by Knuckles Five) - World 1 done
- Crazy Mario Bros 3 (by Drake) - Most of World 1 done
- The Second World of Metroid (by Johns Program) - All of Brinstar is changed

- Luis's SMB3 hack - Complete!

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