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13:40: Happy New Millenium! -
 Well, I'm leaving this afternoon for the New Year and I won't be back until at least in a few days, so Happy New Millenium to all! (although it's already January 1, 2001 in Australia right now ...)

I'll be back in 2001 ... hehe


20:22: New poll! -
 This one is about when you first came here into Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain ... to see how many of you have followed this site since its older era. This is (in some way) in celebration of the one year anniversary, of course.

Go vote now!

19:03: Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain is now officially one year old! -
 On December 30, 1999 at the evening, pretty much exactly a year ago, this site known as Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain opened and got started. Since then, it has grown up quite a lot, to become what it is today. From the little unpopular site it used to be (around 10 hits per day), it became a fairly decent place with over 200 hits per day.

If you look at the links at the left, you'll find a new "Old site" section, containing what my SMB1 section exactly was on November 1999, even before this site really started, and barely 3 weeks after that little place started. And yes, this site really did start from this ... I wonder how it will be like in a year.


22:22: Site birthday tomorrow ... -
 Yes ... tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain, as it had officially opened on December 30, 1999. For a few days, I've been (and still am) working on some stuff (not directly related to ROM hacking though) that should come up around that time, so be sure to check around here tomorrow or the day after.


22:09: Merry Christmas to all! -
 Yep, it's Christmas today ... I hope you all had a good day (and good presents)!

I got my Christmas present yesterday, and it was a new computer! It was about time I upgraded from my 3 year old Pentium-MMX 200 MHz, to a Pentium III 800 MHz! I tried out several programs I had, and most of them ran a lot faster, of course. N64 emulation is finally enjoyable, and emulation of older consoles is really fast. Even the Internet seems quite a bit faster now, even though I still have my same 31.2k modem connection (I'll get a cable connection pretty soon though). And best of all, DirectX doesn't crash this computer (which seems to be much more stable)! I still have my old computer, connected to my new one on a local network (which allows me to transfer files between the two computers).

You'll still get to laugh at my new computer again in a few years when it will get outdated, though ... although for now it's pretty great!

04:16: Another cleanup ... -
 Obviously, someone's been cheating the rating system around 9:00 PM EST tonight and rated a few good hacks 0 multiple times, and rated MysteryFace's buggy hacks (his own?) 10 multiple times ...

Of course I got rid of all those bad ratings (didn't take too long, at least). I'll have to find a way to block multiple ratings of a same hack by the same person. Maybe I'll even go play around all of the hacks and give my own rating (separately), which would be unbiased and would also give a better idea of how good the hacks really are.


01:21: Already some cleanup in the ratings ... -
 After one day, while looking at the few ratings that came up for several of the hacks, and looking at the rating log (which turned out to be really useful), I already noticed a few things that aren't quite right. I mean, look at the ratings that came up for Super Carrots: A New Harvest today:

Hack #42 rated 10 from IP on 12-23-00 03:41:36
Hack #42 rated 10 from IP on 12-23-00 11:33:13
Hack #42 rated 0 from IP on 12-23-00 15:31:49
Hack #42 rated 0 from IP on 12-23-00 15:32:10 -- removed
Hack #42 rated 10 from IP on 12-23-00 21:55:19 -- removed

See what I mean? I don't see why such a good hack should be rated 0. Not that it should always be given a 10, but 0 is just not fair. Also, notice how two people voted twice ... I removed the second vote for each, and I had to do the same in quite a few other hack ratings. I also noticed a not-so-great hack being given a 10, and some decent ones being given low ratings. You're free to your own opinion and give whatever rating you want, but come on, be honest at least (most of the ratings are fine though, just a few were a bit out of place ... and I'm only removing double-ratings).

Or maybe something is wrong with my PHP script and causes some hacks to be rated zero ... I don't know. In that case I should just remove those zero ratings and try to find out what's wrong with the PHP coding ... as it's much more likely to be what really happened.
(edited again)
Well, I have no clue what may be causing this, as I'm not seeing anything wrong with the code. I'm not sure what to do about this ...


00:07: Hack sections redone, and rating system now up and working! -
 Yep ... I've redone all the hack sections with PHP, and you can go rate any of the hacks on this site, on a scale of 0 to 10. I've tested it, and it's working!

Don't try to cheat with the rating system, either ... all votes are logged, so I can see if something suspicious went on ... hehe. And be honest; don't give a poor rating to an hack unless it's a really bad one, and don't give 10 unless the hack is truly great and one of the real best.


02:38: More PHP coding ... -
 I'm currently redoing the whole hack sections with PHP, which will then allow me to change them much more easily, as I'm planning to add a rating system for the hacks (which I already got working but won't put up until I'm done redoing the hack sections).

And in case you haven't noticed, it now displays (in the main page) the total amount of space used by this site on the server, and the total space left on the server (27 MB right now) ... now it seems pretty obvious that I have "unlimted" space, seeing how there's about 1.3 GB left! (it seems to be shared between all sites on the server though, as it was going down while I wasn't even doing anything)


23:42: Strange Mario World now available for download! -
 There, the new Strange Mario World section is done, and the patch is there, available for download! I've also added a few new screenshots, from World 1 Castle.

(also, sort of a coincidence, it's been exactly a year since the first release of Mario Fantasy Adventure!)

21:01: Coming soon ... -
 I've done Castle 1 in Strange Mario World today ... and there I got World 1 completed! Expect the first release to come really soon (probably later tonight), once I do the Strange Mario World section and possibly change a few little things around in some of the levels.


23:17: Links page converted to PHP -
 It's its turn ... hehe. It didn't take really long to do, either.


01:34: Screenshot pages conversion to PHP complete -
 So now, instead of having about 70 HTML files in that "hacks" directory (one for every hack), there's just one PHP file doing all the job by itself. It took quite a while to do, but it's finally complete ...

And of course, there's some more I plan to do, and will do eventually ...


12:37: More PHP power -
 Well, I've been redoing the screenshot pages in the "Other hacks" and "SNES hacks" sections with PHP, so now they all use just one single file that generates the whole page with just a few given parameters (hack name, etc.). I'll do those for SMB1, SMB2 and SMB3 hacks later, as it takes a little while to replace all the URLs with those for the PHP file and its parameters.

This will speed up hack updates a little bit, as instead of doing a whole HTML page, I just have to link to the PHP file with the appropriate parameters and it will do all the rest itself (including the counting and displaying of the screenshots). That, and I'll no longer need a whole bunch of HTML files for all the screenshot pages!


20:29: Akumuremu no Romu Hakku Domein -
 Hehe, see if you can notice something new in the site logo ... yep, the name of this site, all written in Japanese. I guess that just looks cool that way.

Emuz did the translation, as I actually don't know any Japanese (except for how a few signs are pronounced) ... hehe

20:26: PHP power! -
 Hehe ... I just found out that I could use PHP on my site, so I did a little script that counts all the files and directories and displays the number. And you can see it right below the "Last update" date! Of course, I might put it to more of an use ... like maybe in the hack sections.


19:36: New preview screenshots from Strange Mario World -
 I've got 1-4 done earlier today, and I put up 13 screenshots from that level. Go look at them in the Strange Mario World preview page!

I'll do the first release once I get World 1 completed ... so there's only one level left to do for this!


20:43: 60000 hits! -
 Yep, the counter got to 60000 just about 20 minutes ago. So I'd like to thank you all again for visiting this site, and keep going here regularly!


13:36: Some missing hits added on the counter -
 867 on the main page, and 3565 on the "total hits" counter. Nearly half of those uncounted hits were from the last 2 days, when the counter server has been down for 2 whole days.

13:23: Site stats graphs updated ... -
 Last update was over a month ago! Looks like the hit rate went down a little during that time ... oh well.


21:31: New site logo -
 Well ... that one on the top was getting really old and a bit outdated (I did it on last March!), so I've made a new one tonight.

Enjoy it!

16:56: New colors on the main page! -
 I've just changed the table border colors, and put the same colors as I had on the links page. Doesn't it look better like this?

(effect is mostly visible in Internet Explorer; Netscape won't make much of a difference at all)

16:32: 4 hacks added, 6 hacks updated! -
 After 2 whole weeks without updates, and almost a month without an hack update ... I've finally spent the whole afternoon today doing quite a big update (yeah, it takes a good while to update hacks, as I have much more to do than just upload the .ips patches). So:

New hacks
- Megaman Double Team (by William Flores), the first released Megaman 3 hack (unless there's been another one I haven't heard of). It's over half complete.
- Retro Mario World (by Mew2), an hack that puts SMB1 stuff (graphics, levels, etc.) in Super Mario World.
- Ninja Bros (by Drake), a SMB1 hack with some ... uh ... ninja stuff, and new levels.
- Revenge of the Hammer Bros (by Drake), where Hammer Brothers have totally invaded the world in SMB1.

Updated hacks
- Dragoon X Omega (by Sliver_X), updated to version 1.0 (although it's been released several months ago). Now the game overhaul is really complete!
- Crazy SMB3 (by Drake), now with levels up to part of World 3 done.
- SMB3 Restricted (by VGW Man), done up to 3-1.
- CoolMario's Super Mario World hack, with most of World 3 done.
- Crazy Mario World (by Drake), also with some of World 3 done.
- Mew2's Super Mario World hack, with some of World 2 done.

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