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May 20, 2000

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  Welcome to the Mario Fantasy Adventure section! Here, of course, you'll find everything about Mario Fantasy Adventure, which is a hack of Final Fantasy 1.
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Tracking stats:
February 2, 2000: Well, Mario Fantasy Adventure got the "Hack of the Month" award at Challenge Games! Actually, it was for the month of December, but late is better than never ...

January 19, 2000: Once again, two more musics! And there's now a NSF that contains the hacked music data.

January 16, 2000: I didn't update since a long time, eh? Well, I've changed two more musics. That's all ... but I'm working on another hack.

December 25, 1999: Made some minor graphic improvements in battle. You probably won't even notice them, though. Also, I probably won't be back before January 4, 2000. So ... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (no it isn't the new millenium ...)!

December 21, 1999: New patch now available! This one has 3 musics changed (intro, town and battle), 2 of the new songs come from Mario games, and I made the town music myself. I changed some colors in the game, as well. Also, there's new screenshots!

December 20, 1999: Figured out (not without some help) how to edit music in Final Fantasy!! I immediately started changing the music ...

December 18, 1999: Acmlm's Final Fantasy hack page opened! Already at the first day, I got about 50 visitors ... thanks to my post at Zophar's Message Domain.

December 17, 1999: Acmlm's Final Fantasy hack page has started!

December 13, 1999: The hack is going well, and it got the "Hack of the Week" award at Challenge Games! That's when I decided to make a homepage for it ...

November 19, 1999: Hacking on Final Fantasy has been started.
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