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June 16, 2000

since 05-20-00
since 10-27-99 (in all pages)
This is the place for the first (and only) SMB2 level editor ever made : "The SMB2 Level Discombobulator". If you're dreaming of making your own SMB2 levels, it is now possible. Even though the level editor isn't perfect (or near perfect), it is still good enough so you can completly transform the levels.
Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain
Here's what's supported by the editor actually (version 0.96):
  • Most of enemy editing
  • Most of level objects
  • All levels and areas are supported but some of them don't display perfectly right
  • Full header editing, although parts of it are unknown (probably unused)
  • Level pointers can be changed and levels can be moved to unused space!
  • All Worlds are shown with their graphics, but a few objects sometimes display wrong graphics.
  • Support for SMB2 data in Mario All-Stars! However, although levels are stored exactly the same way, it doesn't work as well as with the NES SMB2.
  • You can also change a few things other than levels themselves but related to them (such as the level colors, character and enemy properties, number of levels in each world, etc.)
  • Partial support for Doki Doki Panic! Many levels won't work right but many others can still be edited!

Here's a few things I plan to improve (or add) in the next versions (I'm not promising any of them though):
  • Better support for levels and enemies (it's almost perfect now)
  • Support ground definitions (and edit them)
  • Support for more enemy properties
  • Better support for Doki Doki Panic
  • Make all objects display the right graphics and have the right descriptions
  • Improve object priority in display (like, prevent trees to go through platforms, etc.)
  • A few things are a little buggy ... I'll try to fix them!
  • (Maybe) rewrite most of the code to eliminate many bugs
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