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June 30, 2001

since 05-20-00
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since 10-27-99 (in all pages)
  Welcome to the Strange Mario Bros 3 section! Here, of course, you'll find everything about Strange Mario Bros 3, which is a hack of Super Mario Bros 3.
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Tracking stats:
Strange Mario Bros 3

Current progress:

97 / 202
(each area counts for 1, and there's exactly 200, plus 2 added)
The first 4 Worlds are completly changed, and 5 levels (1 added) are done in World 5. Just about nothing else has been changed yet.

    Graphics (tiles)
2689 / 8192
(each 8x8 tile counts for 1, and there's 8192)
It won't even get close to 100%, and there's even a lot of unused tiles in the game, but it gives an idea of how much the graphics have been changed.
   Latest news: (06-30-01)
    I finally got 5-4 done, it was made from a previously unused level and is (of course) really different now and quite hard as well. As well as 5-4 are included (in the update) a few new graphic changes, new music sounds, some small ASM hacks (P-bar replaced by an odometer and Star/P-Switch indicators, and Mario faces in the direction you move him on the map). Enjoy the new changes and try to beat 5-4 (if you got there)!

    Exactly one year after the previous update, Strange Mario Bros 3 is back, with one new level and some little improvements over the older stuff (mostly palette changes and improvements to world maps). Don't think I took down the difficulty just because of that one year "break" though, 5-3 is about as hard as the previous levels! I also updated the screenshots page with all-new screenshots from the current version, and moved most of the year old "not-so-news" to the news archive, as well.

    Well, finally there's some news here, eh? No I didn't do anything new to Strange Mario Bros 3 but I have updated the "Other hacks" section, with the latest releases of Super Mario Bros 3 : The New Quest and Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge.

    It took a while, but 5-2 is finally done. It's the longest level yet, and one of the most challenging, I hope you'll like it!
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